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excellent staff caring doctors great pricing and good fitting dentures. Very pleased with the service and my new dentures. i got good discount for vita dentures and extended warranty for 5 years no matter what happens unconditional warranty. cant get that from anybody here in Jacksonville fl. Also this was made on my immediate dentures which are"If teeth are removed when the denture is inserted, it is considered an Immediate Denture. This is a most difficult and challenging procedure. It is transitioning from having teeth to your first set of complete dentures. It is made more difficult the more teeth that must be removed to place the new denture.

Many people believe that they will have to be without teeth for a period of time, this is not true. An Immediate Denture is placed over the open sockets where teeth have been removed the same day. This difficult step is often very challenging and close cooperation with the dentist is essential. Sore spots will have to be adjusted, they do not go away.

Another challenge of Immediate Dentures is that there is no way to “try in” the new dentures and see what they are going to look like. There are teeth in the way! This is why an Immediate Denture is often considered a TEMPORARY OR TREATMENT DENTURE. It may be followed in 6 months to a year with a permanent Conventional Denture. If this is necessary to do, it increases the cost of treatment substantially. Our office makes every effort to minimize this possibility but if it is necessary, the final conventional denture is made at a reduced cost.

Immediate Dentures will get loose as the bone and gum heal and shrink under the denture. This is very annoying and is treated with ’tissue conditioning’ using soft temporary material several times to keep the dentures fitting better until it is time to reline or remake the Immediate Denture at 6-12 months. The charge for the “tissue conditioning” and the reline are not part of the cost of the Immediate Denture. Adjustments for sore spots are included for 6 months." over all very pleased with surgery and my new set of teeth. THANK YOU

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

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This statement was made by an Economy Denture employee. I am saying this because they stated "Our Office".


Too much technical info for the average person coming in to get dentures. This has to be someone who works in the dental industry.


There is way to much dental lingo to be from someone who visited the office. This has to be some from the office writing this.

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